My writing journey began with the enthusiastic encouragement of a favorite aunt and an elementary school teacher who'd read stories I'd written. I soon discovered that I loved putting words on paper, making fictional worlds come alive. It was then I knew what I wanted to do "when I grew up".

Many years later I finally headed off to San Diego State University to major in journalism and minor in creative writing. During the first week of my freshman year, I met the love of my life. Three years later I married my very own romantic hero. He's still my biggest supporter, my best friend, and definitely my soul mate.

After college I worked in public relations in San Diego for a short time. Then my husband's new job led us to Northern California. It was here that I was lucky enough to land a position as a travel book writer and editor. The daughter of a military man, I'd learned to love travel at an early age. Now I was actually going to get paid to do what I loved, travel and write.

For the next few years my husband and I led whirlwind lives, both of us doing extensive traveling for our jobs. At times we were like the proverbial "ships passing in the night". In fact, on one occasion the airport limo driver picked me up in the airport Arrivals area, after just dropping my husband off for an international flight in the Departures area.

Because of my travels during those years, I experienced places in the world that I'd only dreamed of going. Exotic destinations like Australia, Hong Kong, Tonga, Japan, Hawaii to name just a few. I fell in love with the places I visited and the people I met. When I returned home I enjoyed sharing my journeys through my words and photographs.

But I knew there was still something missing in my life, the desire I'd had as a child to create fictional worlds. So far in my career I'd only written nonfiction. As an avid reader of romantic suspense, I knew that was the genre I wanted to write in. When I got my first contract with The Wild Rose Press for a romantic suspense novel, my biggest writing dream came true.

My husband and I finally decided to leave the hectic city life behind and move to the pine-studded mountains of Northern California. The beauty of the place along with the blue skies and tranquility have made my writing muse very happy. Just outside my window I can watch the change of seasons from the dramatic colors of fall, to the first dusting of winter snow, and the riotous color of spring daffodils. Other distractions outside that window include deer grazing (unfortunately sometimes eating my flowers), squirrels playing, and flocks of wild turkeys marching past.

When I'm not writing or gazing out my window, I love to do counted cross-stitch. To me there's something relaxing about painting pictures with thread. Of course, while I'm punching the needle through the fabric, my mind is always at work plotting the next novel.

The travel bug that bit me so many years ago still lingers. However, after years of traveling separately on business, my husband and I want to finally travel together. We purchased a motorhome and have started exploring the wonders of the United States. Not that we've totally shed our suitcases and passports. There's still places we want to jet away to, but this time my dear husband and I will be sitting side by side holding hands as the plane takes off.

No matter where I roam, I'll always be looking for settings for my novels. Using the places I've visited as colorful backdrops, I want to carry you on a journey into a fictional world where danger lurks and love blooms.