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Rainbow's End

Diana Mason witnessed her biological mother’s brutal murder when she was five years old. Adopted soon after, she possesses no memory of the crime or her early childhood. Terrifying nightmares, triggered after finding a photo of her birth mother, lead Diana to Hawaii in search of a woman she doesn’t know is dead. She soon becomes the target of the killer who wants to silence her before she remembers the murder night.

Jim Hastings, ex-cop turned private investigator, avoids birth parent search cases but he can’t shy away from Diana Mason’s need for a bodyguard. Diana balks at Jim’s by-the-book approach to protecting her. However, they must work together to unlock her past while fending off the killer and a growing attraction for each other. Their blossoming romance is nearly destroyed when the murderer’s identity is revealed.


Rainbow's End has received the 2010 Book Buyers Best Award in the Romantic Suspense/Mystery with Romantic Elements category

Waikiki simmered in the tropical heat, the late afternoon sun radiating off sidewalks and reflecting from high-rise windows. Twenty-five-year-old Diana Mason took little notice as she hurried down the street. Someone was following her. She'd sensed it soon after she left her hotel. It was a bizarre notion in the heart of paradise, but she couldn't shake her uneasiness.



Rainbow’s End literally kept me guessing until the end. Just when I thought I’d figured the mystery out, Ms. Erickson threw in a twist that I never saw coming leaving me genuinely surprised. Rainbow’s End is a must read for anyone who enjoys a romance packed with spine-tingling suspense.” Long and Short Reviews



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An empty baby stroller, the shadow of a man, a child’s cries—all images that haunt psychic Angela Martin’s dreams. After blaming herself for a kidnapped child’s death, she vows never to trust her visions again. But when a kidnapper strikes close to home, Angie can no longer turn her back on her gift.

Newspaper reporter Brian Murphy helps find kidnapped children. However, when he features Angie and her psychic skills in a story, things don’t go well. She’s hiding from a past that could put her in danger, and wants nothing to do with the nosy reporter and his charming ways.

When the kidnapper targets Angie with his twisted nursery rhyme game, she’s forced to work with Brian. To save a child, Angie must rely not only on her visions, but also trust Brian with her secrets—maybe even her heart. Failure could mean death for them all.